solisPOLE Solar Power System

The solisPOLE is a unique and innovative system specifically designed to capture and store solar power.

Adaptable for a number of uses the solisPOLE can be used as a power source for LED lighting, VAS (vehicle activated signage) and road sign illumination.

Technologically advanced Photovoltaic Cells (patent No.551271) are incorporated into the frame of the pole and mounted vertically providing a unique solution for optimum solar capture.

Maintenance free batteries are stored within the pole and are easily accessible for replacement.

A sophisticated, intelligent Energy Management Controller situated inside the pole optimises energy capture and continually monitors the batteries condition to ensure year round reliability. Prior to installation the Controller can be programmed with lighting on/off times (within certain parameters) to suit requirements.

State of the art design combined with the latest LED technology and Zeta's award winning Energy Management Controller means that the solisPOLE produces the brightest and most efficient solar lighting available.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • No mains connection
  • Easy installation
  • No utility bills
  • Vandal resistant
  • High reliability and long life

in partnership with ZETA

solisPOLE Solar Power System